Services offered include: 

  • Expert preparation to sell and rent properties

  • De-cluttering for aesthetics and rejuvenation

  • Healthy purging without regret

  • Organizing, personalized to YOU

  • Personalized systems development

  • Packing efficiently for a stress free move

  • Expediting a move

  • Unpacking and organizing the new space

  • Creative space planning for small spaces, offices, garages, etc.

  • Paper management

  • Storage advice and plans

  • Product purchasing, advice, or collaboration

  • Downsizing/ Upsizing

  • Change of Use of a Room

  • Organizing children for school and activities

  • Moving into assisted living, collaboration w families

  • Closets, kitchens, pantries, in-home offices, bathrooms, children's rooms, garages, storage units, storage unit elimination through whole home evaluation, vehicles.


Cheryl works with individuals of all ages, all levels of organization, in spaces from 500-5,000 square ft., with people ready for change: shopaholics, spendaholics, hoarders, people who are just too busy, those with physical restrictions or injuries, those who just moved, or are moving, etc.